About Me

I was born and raised by a single mother in the Bronx, New York. As a child, I was always a leader amongst my peers. I quickly learned how to make money at the age of 14. I created my first job selling bottled water in central park. After graduating with a degree in business management from Virginia State University I moved to Atlanta, GA. Shortly After while attending graduate school at Mercer University, I started my Youtube Channel. Not too long after that I began showcasing my homemade DIY Shea Butter to my audience. I started selling my products online after seeing the demand for my  products under my Youtube Channel Comments. This prompted me to start a store on Etsy selling my products. It wasn’t that long before I learned how to market my products online. I studied my audience. I learned how to understand my target consumer, market through video, SEO and Facebook Ads. This move brought so much success to my business. Today, I still have an active Youtube channel teaching entrepreneurs basic online business concepts. Tailored Beauty continues to grow as a 7 figure company and is distributed in stores nationwide.